Gorgatron Reveals “Insurmountable” Lyric Video and Prepares for Festival Appearance!?!

The release of Gorgatron’s third full-length is still almost two months away, but the North Dakota death metal behemoths, having gone the independent route for the upcoming Pathogenic Automation, have got a Mike Powell-styled jump on the promotional process. Two videos have already been issued – see below, especially the hilariously campy “Imposter Syndrome” – and today we present an advance listen/lyric video of another new track, “Insurmountable.”

Our assumption is that ramping up the promotional work is what happens when your ability to play shows, make festival appearances and tour in any capacity gets obliterated by a public health emergency and global pandemic. But wait…what’s this?!?! The band has confirmed they will be performing at the SlamDakota Deathfest in Sioux Falls, SD scheduled to be held on July 17 and 18. See the fest’s flyer below. As of our writing, the show is apparently still going on and if it does, it will likely be the only fest to happen on U.S. soil this year and here’s hoping it won’t end up being a super-spreader/vector for transmission.

We asked the band for some insight into the track being streamed and this is what guitarist/vocalist Paul Johnson and bassist Cameron Dewald had to say.

“‘Insurmountable’ opens up with riff that is undeniably influenced by a certain band of morbid fellas from Florida. Throw in some shifting harmonies to get things real creepy and make you feel gross. Bingo, bongo, verse hits, riff descends into chunk-ville and drums thrash, keeping things moving. The pre-chorus is a frantic exercise in octave chords and string skipping, building more tension. Just when you’re about to jump out a window, it drops back into the main riff with a windmill headbang-inducing groove. Repeat said formula for another verse then we come to the bridge. This riff is a bit uncharacteristic for me, but I still got some tricks up my sleeve. We’re going to let this dissonant, dare I say mysterious, riff with an ominous trudging drum beat set in for a minute while you question reality. Now that you question whether life has meaning or not, we’ll drop a spastic monster truck of a riff on you with some furious double bass. We’ll take that formula one more time around, rip a pick squeal that would make that crazy redneck from deliverance faint, throw in a drum fill that’s tasty as a dry aged rib-eye and close out with a call back to that main riff that will be stuck your head while you’re trying to bang your significant other. Larry David might say this song is pretty… pretty…… pretty…. pretty……..GOOD.


“It wouldn’t be a proper lyric video without having Scott Rudd putting in some work! He did a killer job with the leftover artwork we had made for our new album. The song has a riffs for days and the video will keep your attention even if you’re a goldfish.Enjoy, share and most importantly keep supporting death metal!”


Pathogenic Automation is set for release on August 28th. The band has recently teamed with Blood Blast Distribution for its release. Pre-orders and bundles are available via Gorgatronband.com or indiemerchstore.com