Album Stream: Getting Tipsy on WitchTit’s “Intoxicating Lethargy”

It’s not easy coming up with a solid band name, especially with metal being well into middle-age and the countless numbers of bands that have existed, that presently exist and will exist in the coming future trying to perfectly represent their sound and style using a word or three. Still, I find myself often sporting a presumptive and solid hate-on for the vast number of newer bands that burst from the gate waving an uncreative red flag via the unremarkable step of adding a random word to either “Witch” or “Goat” as their introduction to the broader world. Until now, that is. This Raleigh, NC quintet absolutely gets a mulligan because, c’mon, WitchTit as a moniker is awesomely hilarious in its hilarious awesomeness. There might even be some deeper meaning at play about the bosom of witches providing life via breast milk to humanity’s darker side or some sort of conceptual jabberwocky, but no matter which way you slice it, the name WitchTit certainly jumps off the page.

What’s also pretty awesome and jumps out of the speakers is the band’s collision of metals of doom, stoner and sludge on their debut full-length, Intoxicating Lethargy, a stream of which we’re presenting today. Below, you can pay first-hand witness to how they tap into the DNA of classic doom of Candlemass, the abrasive and greasy wailing of Rwake and the bluesy swagger of Witch Mountain (yeah, yeah…) and how vocalist Reign ties it all together with soaring, soulful pipes. Here’s what the band had to say on the eve of the release of their debut:

“We are pleased to announce our anticipated debut album, Intoxicating Lethargy. Prepare yourself to be dragged to the depths of struggle, resistance and mental strife, only to emerge stronger than before. Dark story telling will take you through time and across our country to all of the places these battles exist. In the fight for more, remember that too much is almost as bad as not enough, don’t fall prey to the Intoxicating Lethargy…”

Too many ‘Witch’ bands, we can do without, but there’s no getting enough WitchTit!

Intoxicating Lethargy will be released independently on March 12th (that’s tomorrow!). Check below for contacts and ordering info: