EP Stream: Canadian Newcomers Abjection Deliver Death Metal Hell

Somewhere along the stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway that connects Calgary, Alberta with Kamloops, British Columbia and then moseys along to the end point in Vancouver (with a westward nod in the direction of Australia) lies the foundation for the country’s latest entry into the death metal dervish. Featuring current and ex-members of a whole host of bands playing a whole host of styles (these include Anion, Dead Again, Origami Swan, Polemos, Sinews, Wake, Tobeatic, Wiser Fool and The Weir, which I’m assuming – nay, hoping – isn’t a psychedelic sludge salute to mediocre Canadian golfer Mike Weir), Abjection started as a “long distance death metal project” a couple years back and what more appropriate set of circumstances to  put the finishing touches on a distance project’s first release than during the officially mandated Days of Distance?

Malignant Deviation will see the light of day today via Poland’s Godz of War Productions and as such we’re running a stream of the EP’s six songs, which guitarist/bassist Sergy Jmourovski describes as “a suffocating and lightless journey into the depths of personal psychotic hell.” The hellishness of this personal psychosis is rather evenly matched by some pretty hellish sounds that remind us of Morbid Angel and Portal leaning on the gas with Culted and Blut Aus Nord hovering over the brake. Jmourovski goes on to describe the project as such:

“This record, as an idea, was conceived by me in self-isolation before the pandemic had begun with a singular goal to create a dark, hard-hitting and thick sounding death metal recording, bridging the gap between OSDM and modern metal. Demo tracks were strong enough to gain contribution interest from long-time friends of mine, creating a deeply more involved and cohesive final result which took a while to develop due to the remote recording nature of this project. Drums were fleshed out by Josh Bueckert and recorded in Calgary by Ryan Kennedy, both of Wake. Cole Benoit’s (Anion, Dead Again) vocals and Troy Horton’s (Wiser Fool, Sinews) lead guitars were split between Vancouver and Australia, respectively. Mixing and mastering was done by Otso Ukkonen in Finland, from one of the highest caliber death-doom bands, Krypts. Release support was found through Godz ov War Productions, a label highly dedicated to the underground extreme music. CDs will be available through GoW as of today and tapes via our own imprint, Hearing Aids Records.”

If that description and/or the sounds herein tickle your metal bone, check out the links below for contact and ordering info.



Godz ov War Productions