Shallow North Dakota’s Tony Jacome Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. GoFundMe Organized to Help His Family

Some tragic news has come down the pipeline this week with the revelation that former Shallow North Dakota drummer/vocalist Tony Jacome has been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The cancer is incurable and has already quickly spread to his liver.

Tony, his wife Cheryl and their four kids recently bought a house and with the ongoing pandemic impacting the family’s ability to manage care costs, bills, expenses and the like, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help out during a time when money should be the last thing on their minds. As well, all proceeds from Bandcamp sales of Shallow North Dakota’s discography are being directed towards helping out during this trying time.

See the statement from the organizers of the GoFundMe below, check out the link, visit the band’s Bandcamp page and please help out if you’re able.

Originally hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Shallow North Dakota formed in 1993 and before breaking up in 2005 developed a reputation for furiously noisy and rocking sludge metal, incendiary live shows and a relentless tour schedule. Their Auto Body Crusher and This Apparatus Must Be Earthed albums are considered slices of royalty in the Canadian underground and have had the likes of KEN Mode, Kowloon Walled City, The Great Sabatini, engineer/producer Joe Barresi and many others singing praise and claiming influence. Post-SND, the band’s members went on to play in the likes of Cursed, Crux of Aux, Partytank! and Jacome before reuniting in order to play a long time friend’s 50th birthday party in 2018 followed by a short western Canadian run and a final show in Montreal in 2019.

“No one can ever prepare you for receiving a diagnosis of cancer.
Tony Jacome is 44 yrs old; dad to Nolan (6), Jason (3), stepdad to Milos (17) and Liam(16), and best friend/beloved husband to Cheryl (41).

On Thursday Jan 6, 2021 Tony was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which has also spread to his liver. There is no cure. He will be undergoing chemotherapy in hopes of buying himself more time to fight this with those that love him by his side.

Tony, Cheryl and their family just recently moved into their new home. Due to the pandemic, shutdowns and restrictions, Cheryl has been unable to work her regular job and with Tony’s diagnosis they will undoubtedly have an increasing amount of bills and expenses that no one should have to stress about, let alone think about during such a time.

This news has been completely and utterly devastating and overwhelming, which is why we are reaching out to friends, family and the community in hopes of easing some of their financial burdens and providing some security for their future.

This is a way we can all collectively show love and support to Tony, Cheryl and their family. Any contribution you could make would be genuinely & greatly appreciated.

We would also welcome and appreciate any prayers, positivity and hopeful, healing energy to be sent their way.
Thank you all!”

Tony Jacome GoFundMe

Shallow North Dakota’s Bandcamp

Fuck cancer.