Track Premiere: Reality Grey Offers a ‘Powerblast’ of Modern Melodic Death Metal

Remember MySpace? Italy’s Reality Grey does, and they miss it. Back in the days when social media hubs weren’t trying to spread disinformation and subvert democracy and in the name of shareholder profit, this quintet of melodic death metal lovers from the town of Acquaviva Delle Fonte could be found throwing their music up on the internet’s favourite band hang-out where the ravenous youth of the day ate it up. This, in turn, allowed a band hailing from a small town near the high heel part of their home country to tour around the rest of the boot, through parts of Europe and abroad (including Japan) supporting the likes of Deicide, Municipal Waste, Unearth, Sadist and Malevolent Creation.

There have been long gaps between albums; there was eight years between debut Darkest Days are Yet to Come in 2006 and follow-up Define Redemption. Now, after another seven years, the band is making its return with their third full-length Beneath this Crown, a creative step forward in their combination of NWOAHM from the early aughts, At the Gates-inspired metalcore and Scandinavian-flavoured melodic death metal. Forthwith, we present a stream/lyric video of the second single from their new album, a song called “Powerblast” which, when asked, the band described as such:

“‘Powerblast’ has a different flavour compared to everything we’ve done in the past. Once again, we wanted to experiment with our music, especially with grooves. For sure [this] is one of the heaviest songs on the album; it’s very challenging to play with these relentless riffs and drum patterns. The final part is my favourite, where a progressive-like bridge and solo give way to probably the most brutal section of the entire record. It makes me wanna destroy something every time I hear it…‘Powerblast’ has the feel right in its name. It’s a powerful song that doesn’t take any prisoners. We feel very attached to it as it has everything we like in a metal track: aggression and groove. There’s an ‘evil’ theme that creeps underneath the whole song that contributes to the overall heaviness of it. We can’t wait to play it live; people will bang their heads until their necks fall off!”

Beneath this Crown is set for release on May 7 via Blood Blast Distribution.

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