Video Premiere: Without Mercy’s “I Break the Chain” Showcases Blast Beats, Breakdowns, Beer Guts and Brogues

It’s been almost five years since we first introduced you to British Columbia’s Without Mercy via their 2016 EP, Mouichido (refresh your memories here). Since then, the band has played a bunch of shows, done a bunch of tours, become contributing members of society (guitarist D.J. Temple opened up a music academy in the town of Abbotsford at which drummer Matt Helie is also an instructor), struck up friendships with Jeff Loomis and Chris Broderick and, in the process, convinced both of them to appear as guests on their second full-length, Seismic which was released this past November.

In lieu of playing a bunch of shows and doing a bunch of tours, the band has instead entered the video editing man-cave with rolls of footage from when playing shows and doing tours was a thing to drop the second video from the new album, “I Break the Chain.” Here, you’re able to pay witness to their thrashy death metal a la Cattle Decapitation, Meshuggah and Decapitated and watch as they adorn the blast beats and breakdowns with beer guts and brogues.

When we asked the band for a comment about the focus of today’s premiere, they kept their reply as direct and punchy as the live performance video in question:

“What would happen if you finally said, ‘enough’ and separated yourself from the herd? This track means a great deal to us as a band and we offer the only insight possible: read the lyrics and enjoy the ride.”

In that case, here are the video and lyrics, with contact info below:

I Break the Chain

It is better to die from curiosity than cancer

Be wary where you air your demons

Everybody holding hands will never be the key to peace

But let’s imagine just for a second this would ever happen

How long until the person to your left leaves you broke and person to your right grabs your fucking throat?

Look, someone down the line died

What’re we gonna do with him?

Sever both the hands that hold him

Look, there is a child being beaten with his own hand

I would go to save him

But, my hands are all tied up I am starting to feel sick, who gave me this?

I am gnawing at my hands

Who knew that holding a hand could imprison me?

We all bled out in the heat of the sun

Messages came from down the line that there was peace

In the east, west, north, south?

All I know is that it’s hell right here

I am still growing accustomed to sleeping on my back, but the stars are the only thing that brings me relief now

Suddenly they all align and attempt to communicate with me

“The first man to break the chain, will learn to love isolation”

I break the chain

They all bled out in the heat of the sun

With one missing link they will perish

In the east, west, north, south?

They care not where

They all scream as the great snake appears It eats them horrifically

I care not for them, I am free from the chain