Adem Tepedelen

Fear and Loathing at the Great American Beer Festival

October 16, 2012

For the majority of the nearly 50,000 people who bought their tickets to one or more of the Great American Beer Festival sessions (which took place in Denver last weekend) when they went on sale last summer, the opportunity to attend this massive beer tasting event is probably the pinnacle of their craft beer-drinking year….

EXCLUSIVE: Dragged Into Sunlight “Widowmaker” Preview

October 9, 2012

For the record, the “Exclusive” up in the title of this blog post actually means something. What it means is that this post is the only place where you can hear new music from the upcoming Dragged Into Sunlight album Widowmaker (and see the amazing artwork) until it is released by Prosthetic Records on MP3…

CANFEST 2012: Taking Canned Beer Back From The Hipsters

October 2, 2012

The craft beer world is still trying to undo the damage done by shitty pale American lagers to canned beer’s reputation. It’s a sad fact that most craft beer drinkers think that bottled beer is “better” than canned beer, when the exact opposite is actually the case. If we all agree that craft beer is…

STREAMING: Snakedriver’s “Incessant Madness”

September 25, 2012

We’re of the opinion that there can never be too much metal in the world. Thus, we greet the news of a new label, Mutants of the Monster—started by C.T. from Rwake and David Hall from Handshake, Inc.—with great expectations. And the best way we here at Decibel can to celebrate the debut of this…

LIVE REVIEW: Fucked Up Deliver Sweaty Man Hugs For All

September 18, 2012

Fucked Up, Rifflandia Festival, September 14, Victoria, BCRifflandia has one of the coolest names for a music festival. It seemed in past years when it was smaller that it was more about the “riff” than it is in its current iteration, where hip-hop, Americana, indie rock and, well, Fucked Up intermingle. For instance, we preceded…

Dublin Death Patrol Deliver a Bay Area Beatdown

September 11, 2012

Like London, Ontario and Paris, Texas there’s a city in the California Bay Area with the same name as one of the great metropolises of the world. Yep, Dublin, CA was named after Ireland’s capital, but this East Bay suburb is probably best known in the metal world for being the hometown of some heavy…

STREAMING: Family: “Bridge & Tunnel”

September 4, 2012

We’re sorry to do this to you, but this little premiere we’re going to bust out today, is going to make the next several weeks drag on as you anxiously await the release of Family’s debut album for Pelagic, Portrait, on October 30. We can guarandamntee you we will be spinning our advance copy incessantly….

GIVEAWAY: A Gaza Prize Package

August 28, 2012

You may have noticed that Decibel has a bit of a Deciboner for Gaza. Witness the recent Deciblog posts where we premiered a new track and had a fucking parrot review the new album, No Absolutes in Human Suffering. Well, we’re not done yet. No sir. To celebrate the release of the new album today…

A Glimpse Into Scott Seward’s Vinyl Soul

August 21, 2012

We’re pretty sure that there’s an old cliché that goes, “Your Youtube channel is a mirror to the soul.” You wanna see what’s inside a person, really get a sense of who they are and what they are about? Check out the weird shit they post on Youtube. And—watch this brilliant fucking segue—who at Decibel…

STREAMING: Nihill’s “Trauma: Crushing Serpens Mercuriales”

August 14, 2012

To paraphrase the almighty David Lee Roth, “Summertime’s here, babe, need something to keep you cool. Better look out now, Decibel‘s got somethin’ for you.” Some frozen fuckin’ Dutch black metal on stick, that’s what we’ve got. Minus the stick. But full-on frostbitten, we swear. This premiere is guaranteed to drop the ambient temperature in…

STREAMING: Scott Kelly Solo Album Song Premiere

August 7, 2012

Although you might remember him from such Neurosis albums as Souls at Zero, Enemy of the Sun and Through Silver in Blood, let’s not forget that guitarist/vocalist Scott Kelly has staked out quite a nice little solo career outside of the band. His latest release, which “streets,” as the kids say, on August 14 (Neurot),…

Justify Your Shitty Taste: Faith No More’s “Introduce Yourself”

July 31, 2012

The tribal beats, the crunching metal guitar and the half rap/half sung vocals of Chuck Mosley coalesced into something altogether original. You can unfortunately perhaps heap some blame for nu metal on these dudes, but what they created at the time was in fact revolutionary. It was like Killing Joke, Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers swapped members for a jam session and came up with a new genre.

GIVEAWAY: Two Autographed Baroness “Yellow & Green” CDs

July 24, 2012

Don’t say that we never tried to give you anything. We’re not saying that we are definitely going to give each and everyone of you reading this something. But if you play your cards right [see footnote 1] you may at least have a chance for us [see footnote 2] to give you something. Mighty…

LIVE REVIEW: Melvins Lite Freak Puke All Over Victoria

July 17, 2012

Melvins Lite w/Retox, Club 9One9, Victoria, BC, July 16Who can really keep up with just exactly what the Melvins are up to at any given moment? There are new releases like clockwork. They have always been a prolific band and we suspect they always will be. If nothing else, they’ll have a discography that stretches…

Y & T App: Classic Metal Gets a 21st Century Upgrade

July 10, 2012

We knew there would be some Decibel dissenters when we bagged on 10 albums that we wouldn’t be celebrating the 30th anniversary of in 2012.

STREAMING: Exclusive premiere of Tankard’s “A Girl Called Cerveza”

July 3, 2012

Since we know that a few of you may be enjoying frosty barley pops and doing your best not to blow a limb off tomorrow while celebrating Independence Day, we figured a Tankard song premiere was in order. Yeah, don’t ask us how we got from Point A to Point B on that one, but…

LIVE REVIEW: Municipal Waste Fucked Seattle Up

June 26, 2012

June 15, Neumos, Seattle, WA. We received the message through the usual channels, but this time the priority was urgent. “We’re coming to Seattle,” said Witte, “and I need to go to Brouwer’s.” As the local beer ambassador to the extremely extreme set, we felt compelled to honor this request, so upon Municipal Waste’s arrival…

STREAMING: Old Man Gloom Premiere Brand New Track!

June 19, 2012

Sure, other “music-related” sites bring you premieres of new tracks every other day. Even NPR has been known to throw a metal album on the interweb for your consumption. But you know where to go for the really good shit, right? That’s right, some to the killingest, trooest labels in all of metaldom entrust us…

Maiden Tales: New Unauthorized Book From Neil Daniels

June 12, 2012

We are of the opinion that Iron Maiden exists today not so much to make music, but to provide a steady source of work for people around the world. Maiden has, in its own way, become an economic heavy metal juggernaut spreading dineros far and wide via merchandising, albums, tours and all the residual backdraft…

Extreme Drinking and Driving: Home Edition

May 29, 2012

So, for the record we don’t in any way endorse actual drinking and driving. That’s just stupid. However, the geniuses at Dream Arcades have invented a machine that we heartily endorse getting wrecked while using. It has been our experience that the addition of beer to most things makes them better. Except driving. Did we…

STREAMING: “Toxic Waste” Split 12″

May 22, 2012

We already had occasion to cream our jeans a couple weeks back in anticipation of this awesome Toxic Holocaust/Municipal Waste split 12″ on Tankcrimes Records, but now we have the pleasure of tantalizing you with two(!) tracks from said four-song EP. This nut-busting coupling of two of our favorite thrashers comes in a number of…

Beer + Metal + Youtube = High Comedy

May 15, 2012

Yes, we know this about the laziest kind of post we can throw on yon Deciblog, but good christ we could not pass up the opportunity to share these. The simplest search on Youtube netted us some gems that 1) we could not stop watching and 2) were so bizarre as to make us wonder…

Exclusive Premiere: New Bible of the Devil track!

May 8, 2012

Unlike some of our previous “premieres,” this one is timed just perfectly. Chicago trad-metal quartet, Bible of the Devil, will be releasing their sixth full-length album, For The Love Of Thugs And Fools, today, May, 8 via Cruz Del Sur Music. It’s their first full-length, since 2008’s Freedom Metal and it’s just the kind of…

Island of Domination: Maui Brewing Company

May 1, 2012

There is no metal on Maui. We looked. The most metal thing we found was the lumbering, acrid smoke-belching Sugar Cane Train that Saxon will no doubt write a song about on their upcoming 57th album, which is going to be a concept record dedicated to various forms of transportation. (Also set for inclusion are…

Talkin’ Metallica’s Early Years With Author Neil Daniels

April 24, 2012

All of a sudden thrash’s heyday—it’s nascence—has inspired a bunch of books. Bazillion Points of Light’s Murder in the Front Row provided a photographic document of the California scene that started in L.A. with Metallica and Slayer and then blossomed into something amazing in the Bay Area shortly thereafter. Now UK author Neil Daniels offers…

Exclusive Premiere: New Live Rwake 7″

April 17, 2012

The same folks, Handshake, Inc., who had the good sense to bring you Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli’s latest mixed-media masterpiece, DTV, have provided us with two exclusive like Rwake tracks from a very special upcoming 7″. The two savage tunes, “Forge” and “Imbedded”—both from If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die—were…

For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers

April 10, 2012

Following our previous couple of rants, both in print and on the Deciblog, about AC/DC’s line of Aussie wines, we started to notice that there are a hell of a lot of craft beers with AC/DC-inspired names. So, even though the band may not see the connection, craft brewers clearly do. Here are some that…

Collaboration Beers: The Probot of Craft Brewing

April 3, 2012

We don’t even begin to understand modern pop music. It confuses and alienates us with its nonstop techno beats, auto-tuned vocals and constant onslaught of similar-looking and sounding “artists.” And why does every song “feature” another performer? Does it really take the addition of Pitbull to a track to somehow push it into guaranteed hit…

How About Some Split Cranium (feat. Aaron Turner)?

March 27, 2012

So had everything worked out just right, we’d be giving you an exclusive premiere of this track from Split Cranium. However, considering the fact the album came out last week, some of you may have already “premiered” it on your home stereo. And, as such, the “exclusive” part of this is moot. For those of…