Track/Video Premiere: Manipulator – “Annihilated Prestige”

Why the track/video twofer premiere of “Annihilated Prestige,” you ask? Well, because NYC grindcore outfit Manipulator have made a video for every track on their upcoming second full-length, Drawing Secret Circles. Ergo, if we’re gonna do a track premiere, might as well peep the accompanying video, no? The ugly, twisted and distorted black and white visuals accompanying the frantic, relentless track are an excellent visual representation of “Annihilated Prestige.” But wait, there’s more! Andrew Notsch, the one-man creative force behind Manipulator, has gone all out in putting together an incredible package for Drawing Secret Circles, beyond a video for every track.

The twenty-track album will be issued as a one-sided 12″ vinyl LP, and accompanying the release will be a video game that you can play while you listen to the record, as well as an art book that corresponds to the video/audio/game. Notsch performed all vocals and instrumentation on Drawing Secret Circles, while final production and mastering were handled by Adam Tucker of Signaturetone (Ulthar, Thou, Sunless). It’s set for release on November 3 in a vinyl run of 100 copies each on two variants: purple splatter and silver swirl. It’s being issued in conjunction with multiple labels: Wise Grinds Records, Here Is Nowhere Records, Dead Red Queen Records and Psychocontrol Records in Europe. It will also be available digitally. Place your preorders here.

Here’s what Notsch had to say about his latest single:

“‘Annihilated Prestige’ kicks this album off with a dose of pure insanity. From the blistering speed of the song to the samples collaborator Tim Bradley chose to start the album with, this song gives you an idea of what’s to come on the rest of the album. Lyrical content is pulled straight from a series of extortion scam emails Tim and I both received. Derrick Karg of Gordita Beach supplied additional vocals on the chorus.”