Full Album Stream: Flight – ‘Echoes of Journeys Past’

With this new release from Norwegian retro trio Flight, we’re turning the way-back machine to a time before the term “heavy metal” really existed. Yep, that era when metal was being forged, but in the parlance of the day, it was just heavy rock or hard rock. And it should be noted that even though Flight’s newest, Echoes of Journeys Past, sounds like it was recorded in 1973, it was in fact created in 2023. In the same way that early Rainbow albums used classical themes, Flight—Herman Holen (drums/percussion), Christoffer Bråthen (vocals/guitar/bass/Korg MS20), Jonas Bye (bass)—explore a prog rock approach that mixes light and dark musical shades with keyboard/synth explorations.

Flight’s third full-length is set for release via Dying Victims Productions on July 28 on vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally. Place your preorder here.

Here’s what the band had to say about its new record:

“We’re happy to share with you our new album Echoes of Journeys Past. In honor of all warriors of peace, may the spirit of truth and old metal be with you!”