Full Album Stream: Sementales Salvajes – ‘Umbral III’

As previously mentioned in a post back in December 2021, there’s a Texas label, Things From Beyond, bringing some interesting obscurities from Mexico from the digital realm to the vinyl realm. One of the latest to get this treatment is instrumental psych-doom trio, Sementales Salvajes, whose name is translated to “wild stallions” and was literally inspired by the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Thankfully only the name was the inspiration, as these guys—Isaac Sanchez (drums), Isaac Sosa (guitar), Jose Peyro (bass)—are serious about the fuzzy psych jams on their third album, Umbral III.

Umbral III was recorded at Testa Estudio, León Guanajuato, Mexico, November 2021. As mentioned, it’s currently available digitally on Sementales Salvajes’ Bandcamp page, but is being issued on limited edition vinyl on July 7 by Things From Beyond. You can order from the band here, or the label here.

This is what the band had to say about its latest release:

“A more introspective and intimate album, Umbral lll is a sound experiment that we had been using with some riffs prior to the album. We were not looking to sound in any specific way, simply the ideas we brought matured until they became what are now the songs on the album. I think we weren’t so invested in creating a sound.”