Video Premiere: Burner – “Hurt Locker”

This one’s for the ladies! The latest video from English hardcore tech death gnashers Burner, “Hurt Locker,” is a black-and-white performance video with sweaty, moshing dudes a-plenty. The testosterone-laden sausage fest captured here features precious few women in the crowd, but lots of tatted up gorillas pushing each other around to the quartet’s—Harry Nott (vocals), Nathan Harlow (guitars), Finn Gannon (bass), Jack (drums)—precise and unrelenting aural savaging.

“Hurt Locker” is taken from Burner’s recent album, It All Returns to Nothing, released in June on Church Road Records. The album is currently available in multiple formats here. We don’t have too many additional details about the video, other than it was filmed at the release party for It All Returns to Nothing and “it got pretty wild.”

Here’s some info from the band about the song and video:

“This song is dedicated to the Ukrainian people, fighting a war they shouldn’t have to, and the Russian civilians and soldiers that chose to resist instead of comply. [It’s a] song about every unjust war, the people forced to fight in them, the innocent people who die and the propaganda that hides the truth about conflict.

“We got this footage during our album release show at Camden’s The Black Heart. We’re glad we could capture some of the energy of that wild night to share with the rest of the world.”