Track Premiere: Solipnosis – “Separación del Qué y el Quién”

We’re reaching across the globe for this track premiere from avant-garde speed/black metal outfit Solipnosis. Solipnosis is a one-man project from Chile manned by El Centauro, and his new EP, Silent Synthesis, is being released by Sri Lankan extreme metal label විරෑපී (Virupi Records). The track we’re trotting out, “Separación del Qué y el Quién” (“Separation of What and Who”), flits between early Slayer speed metal-isms and noisy avant-garde explorations. It’s a frantic little burner that offers moments of both majesty and insanity. Not a dull moment in the nearly six-minute track.

“Separación del Qué y el Quién” is one of eight tracks on the new release which was written and recorded by El Centauro during 2021 and 2022, with additional voices by El Minotauro and Escudo de Atlas. Silent Synthesis is set for release on cassette and digital/streaming platforms via විරෑපී (Virupi Records) on September 23. You can preorder it here.

And now a quote from El Centauro about the new EP:

“‘Separación del Qué y el Quién’ develops a metaphoric way to interpret the absolute mysteries of the unknowable and its nature. On one side, a dialectical way of being aware of it and, on the other, keeping it far from balance and mystical resolution, thus imitating the original sin of the biblical Lucifer.”