Video Premiere: Kambodsja – “Basement Prophet”

Ok, last week we learned about “irony,” so how about we tackle “sarcasm” this week, courtesy of Norwegian post-hardcore progniks Kambodsja. The Refused-inspired quartet offer a perfect example in their latest track, “Basement Prophet,” whose video we’re premiering below. Ya see, the chorus in this particular adrenalin-fueled basher is, “we could all use a little bit more hate,” and since we don’t see any upside down crosses, pig blood or frowny corpse painted faces in the video, we can only assume that Kambodsja mean the opposite and are being, you guessed it, sarcastic. Because, realistically, I’m pretty sure that we’re all good on the hate front.

So, get an eyeful of the video, wherein the frisky foursome look like sketched-out NPCs in a video game, and see if you can find more examples of sarcasm. There are plenty. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length, Resilient, which was produced, engineered and mixed by Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen at Portåsen in Mjøndalen and mastered by Karl Klaseie. It will be issued on vinyl and digitally on September 29 via Mas-Kina. Place your preorder here.

Here’s what the band had to say about its latest single:

“When the world turns you down and you need to find your own terrible escape routes, then you’re a true basement prophet. This song is the closest we are to being political in terms of lyrics. There is so much stupidity/false information/hate and conspiracies being posted in social media these days so the song is taking a stand against the internet warriors… or at least trying to make fun of them.

We have always written the music first then added lyrics/vocals last and we have never really given lyrics and vocals too much focus. This track is one of the last ones we finished, and we altered it many times before and after we recorded it. It definitely has a more focus on vocals than many of our previous songs – going through many iterations and experimentation before we ended up with a track that we’re really happy with.”