Full Album Stream: Bottomless – ‘The Banishing’

There’s something about this Italian retro doom trio’s logo and name, Bottomless, that evoke Pentagram’s Relentless-era. Which, as it turns out, isn’t too far off-base in regard to the music on their debut album, The Banishing, we’re premiering here. Bottomless are far from Pentagram clones, but their leaden, ’70s-inspired riffing and reverbed-out vocals certainly are mining the same vein Maryland’s doom lords tapped into. Bottomless—Sara Bianchin (bass), David Lucido (drums), Giorgio Trombino (guitars/vocals)—lean a little more into the melodic metal on The Banishing, but you can hear many of the same influences Pentagram tapped on that seminal album.

This Treviso/Bologna, Italy-based outfit are not shy about their old-school intentions, going so far as to record, mix and master The Banishing on tape, rather than digitally. The new record will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally via Dying Victims on August 25.You can place your preorder here or here.

This is what the band had to say about its debut:

The Banishing stands with the wicked, the unwanted, the martyrs of old heavy doom metal who dwell in the powerful darkness of their own path. Its songs reveal a new energy and a commitment to this music that’s only grown stronger with time. Rise up from your crypts!”