The Ocean

Watch: The Ocean Discuss New Album, ‘Phanerozoic II’

September 2, 2020

Go behind the scenes of The Ocean‘s new album, Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic.

The Ocean Share ‘Making of’ Video for New Album

November 1, 2018

Watch a behind-the-scenes video from atmospheric sludge crushers The Ocean now.

On the importance of “vintage stage antics” for a thriving metal subculture by Robin Staps (The Ocean)

August 28, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, there has recently been an explosive, blown-up debate about (the lack of) stage diving on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour between us, Summer Slaughter, and the fans. Apart from all the useless “you better book ‘baby corpse deep throat massacre’ next year, this tour is not metal anymore”…

The Ocean Tour Vlog, Part 2

June 3, 2011

German forward-thinking metallers The Ocean give us Part 2 of their recent trouble-filled trek through the U.S. and Canada. What to expect? A pro-filmed video, a few different accents (British, German, Australian), quick shots of front row boobage, the realization that the Job for A Cowboy dudes pump iron like Stallone, the group’s driver disappearing…

The Ocean Tour Vlog, Part I

May 16, 2011

For aspiring young bands touring the U.S. isn’t a walk in the park. Now, bring those aspiring young bands over from Europe, where from what I can tell things are far more convenient and distances between points shorter, and nightly on-stage antics become not just a job but an ordeal. The Ocean evidently found out…