Downfall of Gaia Provide a Track-by-Track Breakdown of New LP ‘Silhouettes of Disgust’

Photo By David Stoecklin

Today Germany atmospheric black metallers Downfall of Gaia release their sixth album, Silhouettes of Disgust. And to celebrate, the band have provided an extensive track-by-track breakdown of their new 45-minute epic. Read below and nab a copy of Silhouettes of Disgust here.

1. “Existence of Awe”
“Existence of Awe” is a song about those inner demons and ghostly companions that many in this day and age are at the mercy of and have to fight against. In whatever form. A condition that one often carries around unnoticed on the outside, which is not immediately visible to many and with which one must somehow learn to live.

2. “The Whir of Flies”
Thematically, this track deals with a fate that gets lost in a sea of intoxication, just to be as far away from reality as possible. In search of peace just for a while in a society that is increasingly fast-paced and demanding. A downward spiral that easily gets out of control.

3. “While Bloodsprings Become Rivers”
Dreams and goals are not equally achievable for everyone. Ever-growing class differences within society have become a major problem that has received far too little attention. Social injustice continues to reach new heights, and everyday life is becoming increasingly difficult for many to cope with.

4. “Bodies as Driftwood”
“Bodies as Driftwood” tells the story of a person who, under the cover of night, can finally be herself and escape the ever-increasing malaise of everyday life. Hopes and dreams quickly give way to reality and threaten to break down due to outside pressures. Unpaid bills, problems at work, no social network, loneliness, no help, total overwhelm in a constantly accelerating zeitgeist.

But at night she feels free—no punishing glances from others, no outside pressure, no stress, no expectations, just herself in the darkness while the world sleeps.

Metaphorically speaking, this person uses the darkness of the night as a protective veil. although this person is surrounded by millions every day, she experiences absolute loneliness on a daily basis.

5. “Eyes to Burning Skies”
A track about monotony and stagnation. The feeling of eternal repetition. We are often so trapped in our everyday lives that we don’t dare to go beyond the boundaries of the familiar. Often out of fear of losing what we have. But what is it all worth if in the end we are no longer satisfied?

6. “Final Vows”
Final Vows is a song about formative events in your life that you can’t let go of, no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from them. “Facing tomorrow but succumbing to yesterday.“

7. “Unredeemable”
I don’t want to sound too misanthropic, but humankind is spreading like a plague. Without respect for resources and its environment.
But it’s all too easy to forget that when you’re distracted by the many twinkling lights of a city and multiple opportunities for entertainment.

8. “Optograms of Disgust”
Higher-faster-further, the availability on all channels, always and at any time. Not only in business, but also privately. The eternal pressure to deliver often leads to pure exhaustion, but you feel compelled to play this game. You ignore yourself in order to satisfy the needs of others.