Dark Metal

Video Premiere: Foscor – ‘Altars’

May 15, 2017 Vince Bellino

Foscor explore the passage of time in a new music video for “Altars.”

Video Premiere: Sollertia – ‘Praying at the Chapel Perilous’

March 13, 2017 Vince Bellino

“Praying at the Chapel Perilous” is the promising debut song and video from dark metal band Sollertia (In The Woods, ex-Ad Inferna). 

‘Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies’ Exclusive Book Excerpt: Suicidal Black Metal’s Birth

July 25, 2016 Albert Mudrian

The troubling early history of depressive suicidal black metal pioneers Bethlehem is revealed in this exclusive Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Vol. 1 excerpt.


October 5, 2015 Shawn Macomber

Tapered Limbs of a Human Star
Yup, I think we found the Queen…
dB Rating: 8/10