Track Premiere: Nubivagant “One Eye Upon the Grave”


Italy’s Nubivagant, the sole spirited product of Omega (yes, the drummer of Blut Aus Nord, Chaos Invocation, and Darvaza), has formed to bring perspective to black metal. Proprietor Omega performs all instruments on the band’s debut album, Roaring Eye (Amor Fati), but unlike most of the genre’s denizens, he sings. Not screaming, shrieking, or moaning, but genuine singing. While some have labeled such a musical statement as “deathrock,” perhaps what Nubivagant are doing is simply “dark metal,” the sub-genre of black metal that is more atmosphere based. Think: less monochrome noise, more Carpathians at dawn.

Says Omega: “This is the first song I wrote for the album and the one that also inspired the general album’s mood. Quiet and dreamy, this song is combining the darkness of melancholic black metal and the despair of a lone soul looking for answers.”

With fangs out, the cemetery full, and the sky transitioning from gray to black, it’s time for Nubivagant’s stirring ode to itinerant and foraging souls on “One Eye Upon the Grave.”

** Nubivagant’s new album, Roaring Eye, is out September 30th on Amor Fati. Check back often for pre-orders from Amor Fati HERE.