Video Premiere: Sollertia – ‘Praying at the Chapel Perilous’

Emerging from members of progressive black metal group In The Woods… and gothic/industrial crew Ad Inferna are newly-formed dark metallers Sollertia. The band began to record in the summer and today, Decibel brings you the first music video from their debut, Light

“Praying at the Chapel Perilous” recalls the epic, progressive tendencies of In The Woods…, with subtle guitar and keyboard melodies leading into larger, grandiose moments. These sounds build a somber atmosphere instrumentally that is solidified and enhanced by vocalist James Fogarty. All instruments on the song and album were recorded by ex-Ad Inferna’s VoA VoXyD. 

The accompanying music video pairs well with the slow burning song, composed of grainy black and white video that shows churches, foggy mountains and forests, groups of (what appear to be) smiling schoolchildren and a hooded figure who appears in an overly-saturated white form at various intervals throughout. 

Light will be released by French label Apathia Records on May 19, and will feature vocal contributions from Vanja Obscure (MartYriuM) on some tracks. For those interested in a digital copy of the album, it can be purchased through the label’s Bandcamp here. North American listeners interested in CDs can find them through Season of Mist here