Video Premiere: Frogg – “Double Vision Roll”

Photo courtesy of the band

Weirdo avant-garde metal band Frogg have jut shared a video for “Double Vision Roll,” and, boy, is it quirky.  The band say about the song:

“’Double Vision Roll’ is a simple song. It’s about having a mental breakdown, a midlife crisis of sorts. Experiencing a shitstorm of a day and it snowballs into worse and worse things. It gets so bad that you start hallucinating, hyperventilating, and literally seeing double.”

If you’re not yet familiar with Frogg, they are all about delivering a weird and wonderful live experience They experiment with different world instruments and songwriting ideas, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in heavy music, and you can see a little bit of that on display here. 

The song was produced by Frogg guitarist/vocalist Sky Moon Clark and Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit). Frogg are recommended for fans of weird and wild, as well as those who appreciate a little technicality in their music. 

Stay tuned for more music and touring announcements from the band as the year goes on. Until then, you can follow them here.