Track Premiere: LanzerRath – “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning”


LanzerRath have a killer split with Shroud of Despondency coming out May 10 via Northern Spire Productions. You can stream LanzerRath’s weird and epic contribution “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning” below. Also of note, this is the six-minute edit of the full song, which is actually a whopping 20 minutes long.

“LanzerRath have spent the last year coalescing with the raging cosmos,” the band say. “These dialogues with the stars have brought us into new unexpected territories of black metal misadventure.  Now we are proud to present to you our new opus, a mere blink of an eye for our meaningless existence!”

In 2018, founding members “I” and “II” created LanzerRath. According to their press release, they “use their signature metal maelstrom to convey the insignificance of human life among the vast vacuum, ensorcelled by chaos.” So in other words, space black metal, and good space black metal at that. Get familiar if you aren’t already.

Preorder the album here.