Partial Album Premiere: Septage – “Intolerant Spree of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship)”


If weirdo, esoteric death metal is your thing, check out a few tracks from the Septage album Intolerant Spree of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship), out March 29 via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records.

In keeping with their random, chaotic nature, they’ve unveiled two songs alongside an instrumental bass track. You can stream “Septic Baptism,” “Bushmeat Banquet” and “Transilience of Parasitic Infestation (Septic Engorgement)” below.

The band say about the forthcoming record: “The album is the natural culmination of the work we did on our EPs. It gives you everything you’ve come to expect from us and more in what we feel are our strongest tracks. Its an album that aims to be non stop intense and memorable. The themes are brought even closer to real life gore and decay than before.”

These chaotic tracks show that this album isn’t going to play by any rules known to human kind, and it’s gonna be an absolute punisher. The glorious and graphic collaged cover art will also help this release stick in your mind, for better or for worse.