Video Premiere: Chunked – Inhaling the Infestation

Photo courtesy of the band

Known for their blend of raw violence and classic death metal themes, Chunked are unveiling their debut album, Inhaling the Infestation, on May 3 via Gore House Productions. Check out the lyric video for the title track ahead of that release.

“’Inhaling the Infestation’ is a power ballad about a swarm of insects slowly taking over a human body, very painfully and meticulously,” band leader and founder Arian Mauk says about this song. “It is a well-structured and catchy track that will make your knuckles sink towards the ground and start grinding across the floor.”

When it comes to the full record, Mauk feels there is more of a live presence felt on this album than on previous works.

“I think that people will like to hear more material that follows the same path of the EP with the obvious addition of  newer structures, variations, and influences,” he adds. “Now that this band is playing live shows, I took the live presence more  into account while writing the material. This upcoming album is going to make our fans drag their knuckles on the  ground like a Neanderthal and de-revolutionize back to their primitive state. The singles will do the same thing.

“This EP is a simple and effective type of death metal with no extra flair. Death metal down to its core. I wanted to  create a memorable experience with this EP. With tracks like “Liquid Cranial Detonation” and “Concrete Veins”  being shorter and catchier, and tracks like “Inhaling the Infestation” being more well structured and longer. For  our next release, which will be a full-length, our fans can expect a minimum of 30 minutes of material.”

The Tennessee band will be dropping the album next month. Preorder it here, or get the digital version here.