Track Premiere: Agonista – Larvas

Agonista present for you their latest track, “Larvas,” from their forthcoming album Grey and Dry, out March 8 via Armageddon Label. The crusty, dystopian song sets the tone for a solid, plodding, brooding album, and we can’t wait to hear the rest.

“‘Larvas’ is a song written in Spanish about the reality that is Narco Culture in Mexico and its music,” the band say. “Narco culture, its violence, war, lifestyle, can be heard in every day Mexican Music and influences/targets Mexican youth. This youth, who are already living a life full of violence and poverty, relate to this music and strive for the ‘high’ the songs speak of, a wild high of power, wealth, and popularity. However, these same youth end up getting caught in a never-ending cycle of crime, war, and violence until they end up losing their freedom to the Mexican Prison system, or they lose their own life.”

Preorder the album from Armageddon Label here.