Album Premiere: Gore Machine – “Macerated & Liquified”

Gore Machine

Gore Machine is preparing to drop the debut album, Macerated & Liquified, out February 23 via Horror Pain Gore Death, and you can preview it here with us.

The goregrind solo project is headed up by Druesome (guitars extinction protocol), who performs all instruments, vocals and sampling. This record is a concept album that focuses on some of the most bizarre ways people have met their demise throughout history. It’s remarkably well-known and memorable for such a low-fi, DIY project.d

Druesome says about the record:

“Gore Machine is pumped to unleash its debut slab of gore and putrid slime on February 23. After spending much of 2023 writing, arranging, and laying down tracks of gore grinding death metal, the time has come to hit the airways. The band is proud to unify with Horror Pain Gore Death Records who operate with professionalism and quality while presenting extreme metal uncut and uncensored as it was always meant to be. Cheers and beers in 2024!”

Preorder the album here.