Video Premiere: Hibernaut – “Lantern Eyed”

Photo courtesy of Hibernaut

Check out the latest from Hibernaut, a video for the track “Lantern Eyed.” The song was originally released on their Ingress full-length, which dropped May 3 of last year.

The Salt Lake City, Utah band first formed 2020 when Dave Jones began writing songs on guitar, a switch from years playing bass in Oldtimer, Subrosa, Dwellers, Oxcross, and more. The result is a heavy, doomy riff factory channeling groove and psychedelia in its finest forms. While the song isn’t new, this trippy video gives it new life. 

Jone says about the imagery in the video: “The album artwork for Ingress, inked by Jordan Barlow, is based on the song ‘Lantern Eyed,’ and it captured the spirit of the story I was telling—a maiden, ‘Tomes she devoured of alchemy, incantations and spells,’ then mother, ‘Hammer and chisel giving birth to a host of solid stone,’ and finally crone, ‘Pointing to the earth and the sky. Commanding a legion malign.’ I decided to make a music video with the artwork as a starting point and was able to delve into another creative outlet to tell the tale.