Album Premiere: Mudshow – Destiny

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions present Destiny, the debut album from Memphis, Tennessee’s ultra-violent sludge metal sadists Mudshow.

Destiny is a wrestling-focused concept record telling the story of Matt Tremont’s explosive blood-soaked feuds with Atsushi Onita and Rickey Shane Page. Additionally, it is heavily indebted to A Season In Hell by 19th century French Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud. Destiny explores the themes of martyrdom, exile, and revenge, of killing your idols and healing old wounds — even if it means opening new ones.

“Destiny is the result of a lot of repressed frustration,” the band say about the album. “It was not a pleasant record to write. It’s a concept album about a deathmatch wrestler, but a lot of real life pain went into every moment of this record. However, recording and performing it has been a cathartic experience, and we couldn’t be more grateful to HPGD for giving us a chance to have it heard. They’ve been nothing but supportive of us and have been the perfect home to our brand of violence.”

Preorder the album here.