Album Premiere: Spiritual Deception – “Semitae Mentis”

Spiritual Deception

Spiritual Deception are breaking new ground with their debut album, Semitae Mentis. It’s officially out tomorrow via Amputated Vein Records, but you can stream it in full with us right now.

The Italian band aren’t afraid to keep it weird with this record, chugging through odd time signatures and epic choruses and keeping it catchy and listenable while also showing off their technical prowess.

The album features guest contributions by death metal legends Karl Sanders (Nile) and Luc Lemay (Gorguts). Amputated Vein Records will release the album on physical formats.

Semitae Mentis is a significant milestone for Spiritual Deception showcasing our musical evolution since 2018 despite challenges like lineup changes and the global impact of COVID-19,” the band say. “The EP Oxymoron established our distinctive sound, blending modern and melodic elements with technical and brutal death metal.

“The new album explores themes rooted in philosophy, history, literature, and science, with the “Decadence” series examining decay from various perspectives.

“Despite the pandemic interruption, we finished the length writing in early 2022, entered the studio in August 2022, concluded recordings in late 2022, and the album was ready in February 2023. Set to be officially released on February 9, 2024, the album features collaborations with Karl Sanders on ‘Thousand Lives Within’ and Luc Lemay on ‘Dirac Sea.’ These collaborations, born out of admiration for their work, added unique dimensions to the songs.

“As we anticipate the release of Semitae Mentis, our expectations are high, fueled by positive feedback from listeners on the singles released so far. We hope the excitement continues to grow, connecting with fans through digital platforms and, importantly, at live shows.”

Preorder the album here.