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Decibel Meter: Red Before (or on) Black (Friday)

November 23, 2018

Cannibal Corpse, Iron Maiden, and High on Fire are far better uses of your Black Friday cash than a TV. Come on, you know it.

Mutoid Man

June 12, 2017

War Moans
Everybody Wants Some!!
dB rating: 8/10

Lock Up

May 1, 2017

Lock’n like Dokken
dB rating: 9/10


April 3, 2017

Severed Monolith
On the chopping block
dB rating: 8/10

Saxon’s Live Albums Ranked From Worst to Best

October 6, 2016

Saxon have enjoyed a prolific career, with a multitude of live albums. Inspired by their upcoming vinyl box set, The Vinyl Hoard, Season of Mist’s Greg Karlowitsch ranks Saxon’s already released live albums from worst to best.

Q&A: Sodom’s Tom Angelripper on ‘Decision Day’

September 22, 2016

dB got in touch with Tom Angelripper, bassist and vocalist of thrash heroes Sodomto talk about the legendary band’s new album, Decision Day, and the state of the world today.

Guest Commentary: Social Justice Warriors Aren’t a Problem in Metal. But Assholes Are.

June 24, 2016

Publicist UK vocalist Zachary Lipez provides a rebuttal to Jeffrey S Podoshen’s recent guest editorial on “Social Justice Warriors” the metal scene.

April 2023

March 26, 2016

New releases from Jesus Piece, Enforced and Overkill!

May 2023

March 25, 2016

New releases from Cattle Decapitation, Drain and Frozen Soul!

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

July 3, 2014

Ok, Happy Fourth of July. You know, like, it’s  that day and all. GOATWHORE release Constricting Rage of the Merciless. Let’s not really discuss the title, as I don’t know what it means. Produced by Erik Rutan, this definitely has a full sound, full of clarity and definition without losing any teeth (or beak, in this…

KILLING IS MY BUSINESS: Pixar Exec Tom MacDougall Talks A/V Licensing

December 2, 2013

by Etan Rosenbloom 500 words an issue is barely enough to spell my name, let alone introduce an entire sector of the music industry in the monthly Killing Is My Business column we introduced in Decibel issue 110. That’s why we’ll be posting occasional interviews and supplementary materials right here on the Deciblog. The idea is to explain…

Cobalt’s Phil McSorley moves on to the hateful underworld of Recluse

August 27, 2013

by Kim Kelly Phil McSorley has no interest in talking about Cobalt, and would appreciate it if people would stop fucking asking him about their recording plans. His frustration is understandable, given that he’s just weeks away from the release of his pet project’s first demo and he’s still being bombarded by questions about his…

Weapon’s Paradigm Shift: The Final Interview

August 13, 2013

by Kim Kelly Earlier this year, it seemed as though Canadian black/death Satanists Weapon were still at the top of their game. 2012 saw the release of Embers and Revelations, their most ambitious album to date and their debut for heavyweight label Relapse. They’d hit the road for a successful North American tour with Marduk…

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

June 28, 2013

The masters of the macabre are back, and finally getting their due. AUTOPSY are dropping the utterly filthy The Headless Ritual. To be honest, they aren’t breaking any new ground here, but this is a pecking cool record. If you’re a fan of these guys, you will not be disappointed. If you’re not a fan,…

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

June 14, 2013

Well, we’re in the start of the summer, so that means some new stuff is finally coming out. Here we go. MEGADETH‘s Supercollider. This thing sucks butt. You really have to check out Mustaine’s review of his own record. It’ll make you want to punch yourself in the dick, or laugh. This is the audio…

A Haphazard Chronicle of Cobalt’s First (And Last?) Tour: Part II

June 6, 2013

by Kim Kelly Richmond We’ve got a super-short drive today, so we wasted as much time as possible before hopping back in the van and firing up The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Josh brought along a bunch of brainless DVDs, so between those and Michael’s unwavering dedication to picking on Josh, it went quickly. Richmond is a…

A Haphazard Chronicle of Cobalt’s First (And Last?) Tour: Part I

June 4, 2013

by Kim Kelly As far as American black metal goes, Cobalt have got the market cornered on that classic “convoluted, vaguely threatening backstory” angle. The Colorado duo emerged in 2003 after the demise of Phil McSorley’s solo project, Grimness Enshroud, and quickly armed themselves with a sparse but jaw-dropping catalog. Through Cobalt’s raw, artful compositions…