The Top 10 Best Metal Movies Streaming on Thunderflix

Thunderflix, the world’s first on-demand video streaming app dedicated to heavy metal, recently launched for iPhone. Granting metalheads access to  documentaries, films, interviews, live concerts, and behind-the-scenes footage, the service is already available via AppleTV, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. To celebrate, app founder and director Samuel Douek to put together a list of 10 essential concert films and documentaries currently streaming on Thunderflix.

10. Black Sabbath – The End
What can we say about the first ever band who is accredited for the term “heavy metal” and their last ever show?! This concert is a passing of the torch, a closing of the curtain, and a fantastic way to say farewell to those who gave us so much. For all who love metal, this is a quintessential performance that we are so proud to allow for everyone around the world to witness.

9. Get Thrashed! The Story of Thrash Metal
Here, director Rick Ernst tells the story of how Metallica, Anthrax and Exodus formed the genre we all love. Again, this piece blesses us with some amazing interviews with those who made it happen!

8. Sepultura & Les Tambours Du Bronx, Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio
Talk about some raw energy on stage!  There is SO much going on here. First? Sepultura, the biggest metal band from Brazil, playing in Rock In Rio, one of the largest music festivals in the world. This, combined with an ensemble of percussions from France? The stage is literally shaking here! One of the great things about Thunderflix, again, is the ability to watch concerts that where absolutely once-in-a-lifetime shows. You’ll find bands playing with a symphonic orchestras, Sepultura playing the biggest and most powerful show of their career, and more.

7. Behemoth, Adam the Apostate
A prominent figure in the extreme metal scene, who is also well known for his anti-religion stance, has had a long career, AND the success of Behemoth, is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Told in great cinematic flare by director Claudio Marino, the story of Adam Nergal becomes bigger than life. Cinema plays an important medium in telling a story by someone who has a lot to say.

6. Death, Death By Metal
This is the full story of Charles “Evil Chuck” Schuldiner and the creation of the band and genre Death. Impeccable storytelling on this film. This content is the type of profound metal pieces that Thunderflix promises to continue providing.

5. Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
One of the most classic and emblematic albums in heavy metal history is Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast, and on this classic album episode, we get to see how they made one of the most iconic, legendary albums of all time. Another metal masterpiece of content that includes interviews from all of the band members and the producers. What inspired them? How was it produced…everything. We love to see stories that are so old, yet so fresh and encapsulated in mystery. How can we enjoy something so much that was done so long ago!? Thunderflix is able to really bring the nostalgia into reality and bring some of the biggest metal mysteries to light.

4. Murder In The Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story
How does the rowdiest genre come to be? Told by the main characters who lived trough it. Murder In The Front Row really managed to get EVERY single character who made Thrash become what it is today. This masterpiece manages to include interviews with members of Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Slayer and more, who came to tell the stories as they lived them. Metalheads nourish on these stories! We love to see the beginnings… It’s similar to watching the birth stories of superheroes… Rather, the birth of our most passionate life hack: metal.

3. Ozzy Osbourne – God Bless
A documentary about the prince of darkness. There’s not many secrets left to tell about Ozzy, however, a cinematic journey about the life of Ozzy Osbourne is something we can cherish for eternity. An absolute legend.

2. Megadeth – A Night In Buenos Aires
One of the biggest metal bands in the world head to Argentina to raise complete havoc! The show fully demonstrates a band that has a repertoire that established them as one of the top bands in metal history.  Again, the connection between band and audience here is brilliant to watch and makes being a part of the metal community that much more uniquely familial.

1. Day of the Gusano – Live in Mexico
A grand concert from Slipknot in front of 55,000 hungry metalheads in Mexico City! The concert really captures Slipknot in all their glory! As a Mexican myself, I understand the passion of metal fans there. Mexicans don’t take anything for granted. When a show arrives, they arrive in droves and it makes for a hugely special night. And the energy is livid in this show.


Thunderflix subscriptions are available for $6.66 for one month or $66.60 for a yearUpcoming streamable, HD content coming to the metal Thunderflix library this month includes: Powerwolf’s The Monumental Mass, System of a Down’s Truth To Power, There’s Something About Metal and many more!