LIMITED TO 90 COPIES: Pre-Order WAYFARER’s LP ‘American Gothic’ on Marble Gunsmoke Vinyl!

Colorado USBM outlaws Wayfarer saddle up with their new LP American Gothic, and we’ve managed to commandeer our own exclusive variant from Profound Lore on Marble Gunsmoke vinyl, limited to a mere 90 copies!

After a decade spent reconnoitering the dark soul of America, the black clad bandoleros tapped noted audio-desperado Arthur Rizk to forge their signature blend of black metal, gothic country and Americana into a single-action shooter. Our exclusive Decibel edition comes complete with a silver-foil embossed matte LP jacket (with spot gloss!) plus a fold-out newsprint insert and a download card.

Clear the smoke from your eyes and pre-order your copy ASAP, this offer will be ash by dawn!

NOTE: This is a preorder that is due to be released on or around October 27, 2023. All details, including release date, are subject to change.