Five For Friday: September 11, 2020

September 11, 2020

A somber anniversary in a somber year. There’s a lot I could say here, but I doubt you came here to read the obligatory screed about where I was, what I remember most, and where that day fits in our modern context.

Judas Priest Grace the Cover of June’s Decibel

April 25, 2018

Judas Priest return to the cover of Decibel with an decade-in-the-making Hall of Fame story of their Stained Class album.

Christmas Ends Early: Ihsahn Drops “Mass Darkness” Lyric Video

December 18, 2015

Snow day! Check the new Ihsahn lyric video from the forthcoming full-length Arktis!

Ihsahn (Emperor) interviewed

July 28, 2014

** Hall of Famers Emperor are celebrating the 20th anniversary of black metal classic, In the Nightside Eclipse. As part of our journalistic duties, we couldn’t pass up a chance to talk to icon/good guy Ihsahn about two decades of black fucking metal and why this time Emperor are taking the stage with them to…

Decibrity Playlist: Ihsahn

October 24, 2013

Ihsahn–a man who needs no introduction around these parts–has certainly not been bereft of musical ideas lately. He dropped his fifth solo album (coming a mere 16 months after its predecessor) earlier this week and is already talking about its follow-up. To celebrate the release of Das Seelenbrechen, which Adrien Begrand described in our latest…

INTERVIEW: Ihsahn on new album “Eremita”

May 25, 2012

Once Second Wave titans Emperor were done scorching the earth with black metal, Ihsahn wasn’t slow in scaling the genre’s perimeter fence, and high-tailing it in search of a fresh sound that rested far from the genre’s weirdly orthodox iconoclasm. Progressive metal was a neat fit, a suitably abstract direction to define his sound as…

STREAMING: Jeff Loomis “Surrender” (feat. Ihsahn)

March 12, 2012

We’ve had Jeff Loomis’ Midwestern back ever since he first debuted with Nevermore on the group’s self-titled debut LP. Over the years, he has transformed into a wonder axeman (or Guitar Hero, if you want to use contemporary video game parlance), lining up with such greats as Marty Friedman, George Lynch, and Alexi Laiho. Now…

The Wretched End (ex-Emperor) streaming MP3

November 18, 2010

So, two Norwegians — ex-Emperor/ex-Zyklon guitarist Samoth and Mindgrinder/ex-Scum guitarist Cosmo — and one Swede — ex-Dark Funeral/ex-Aeon drummer Nils Fjellström — team up to form The Wretched End. Now, typically Swedes despise the Norwegians for one reason or another (usually because the Norwegian Kronor has more purchasing power than the Swedish Kronor and the…