The Wretched End (ex-Emperor) streaming MP3

So, two Norwegians — ex-Emperor/ex-Zyklon guitarist Samoth and Mindgrinder/ex-Scum guitarist Cosmo — and one Swede — ex-Dark Funeral/ex-Aeon drummer Nils Fjellström — team up to form The Wretched End. Now, typically Swedes despise the Norwegians for one reason or another (usually because the Norwegian Kronor has more purchasing power than the Swedish Kronor and the Norwegians raid Swedish border towns for groceries and what not like they’re modern day Vikings.), but I don’t recall the Norwegians ever spilling hate on a Swede unless that Swede’s name is Christofer Johnsson, but that was ages ago and lots of water under many bridges.
Anyway, The Wretched End is a new hybrid metal project that fuses death, black, and whatever else is inspiring Samoth and Cosmo when they’re crafting tunes in the crisp Norwegian air. The trio has a new album out on Candlelight and offered us a chance to debut one of the songs from the group’s debut album, Ominous. Who says “No” to Samoth? It’s like saying “No” to Ihsahn.

“It’s great to have a new album out,” says Samoth. “I’m definitely psyched about it. I actually think Ominous is up there with some of my best releases. The whole process of The Wretched End has been very motivating, and it was pleasure to work with Cosmo and Nils Fjellström on this recording.

“Musically it’s first and foremost a solid dose of Norwegian deaththrash, but I feel there are also hits of black metal influences throughout the album. It’s a quite groove-orientated album, with more depth and live feel, compared to for example Zyklon. Conceptually, it’s a very dark and apocalyptical album. I hope all the fans and supporters out there will take the time to check it out.”

Indeed. Now that you have time, check out “The Armageddonist”. Samoth says so.

“The Armageddonist”

** The Wretched End’s debut album, Ominous, is out now on Candlelight Records USA. Order it here.