The Wretched End

Q&A with ex-Emperor/The Wretched End main man Samoth

July 11, 2016

We sit down with the Wretched End‘s Samoth to discuss In These Woods, From These Mountains and why it’s different from its applauded predecessors.

EXCLUSIVE: Samoth (The Wretched End/ex-Emperor/ex-Zyklon) celebrates Candlelight USA’s decennial

February 4, 2011

England’s Candlelight Records has without doubt made an impact on the genre of extreme metal.  The home to Emperor’s amazing legacy and the early trilogy of recordings from Opeth, the label has introduced the world to some of metal’s most unique and successful artists. In 2001, the label launched an American division that has since…

The Wretched End (ex-Emperor) streaming MP3

November 18, 2010

So, two Norwegians — ex-Emperor/ex-Zyklon guitarist Samoth and Mindgrinder/ex-Scum guitarist Cosmo — and one Swede — ex-Dark Funeral/ex-Aeon drummer Nils Fjellström — team up to form The Wretched End. Now, typically Swedes despise the Norwegians for one reason or another (usually because the Norwegian Kronor has more purchasing power than the Swedish Kronor and the…