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Streaming: Sandrider’s “Rain”

February 4, 2015

We will never miss a chance to host some new music from our friends in Sandrider. They were the band, after all, that premiered a song here on the ways one might conceivably become the ultimate urban legend. If our math is correct this is the third time they’ve made a streaming appearance on the…

Video Premiere: Deadkill’s “Shakes”

November 5, 2014

Massive hangovers! Camel breath! Riffs! Hair of the dog shots! Barfing on video! Fortunately, these guys decided to walk to the bar for another day of partying. The aforementioned bad behaviors are in full effect in the low production cost but high comedic value video debut of Deadkill’s “Shakes.” Decibel premiered the No, Never! album…

Constant Lovers Visit the Amazon

February 25, 2014

This morning we’re streaming an exclusive new earthy, driving rocker from Seattle’s self-described “caveman goth” heroes Constant Lovers.

Stream the new Deadkill album

January 21, 2014

Deciblog faithful, for your streaming pleasure we have the new Deadkill album No, Never! available starting today from our friends at Good To Die Records. Give it a listen and then read a track-by-track breakdown from the band. Orpheus Bryan Krieger: Brutal opera about descending into the depths of hell for one you love: love…

Gaytheism Unbound

April 2, 2013

Hold Me…But Not So Close, the follow-up to last year’s mondo excellent Stealth Beats, is nearly upon us, and if the first single “MANhattan” is any indication, it’s sure looking like the seething, roiling sonic beast christened Gaytheist will continue to (improbably) live up to the awesomeness of its name. Good to Die Records has…

Seattle By Way of Arrakis

April 10, 2012

Meet Sandrider, the excellent new stoner rock/metal band of Nat Damm and John Weisnewski of Seattle noisecore heroes Akimbo. By way of introduction, we are streaming “The Corpse,” a standout track from the band’s epic self-titled slayfest available now from Good to Die Records. Though a very different beast musically, Sandrider’s debut, hypnotic and pummeling…