Stream the new Deadkill album

Deciblog faithful, for your streaming pleasure we have the new Deadkill album No, Never! available starting today from our friends at Good To Die Records.
Give it a listen and then read a track-by-track breakdown from the band.


Bryan Krieger: Brutal opera about descending into the depths of hell for one you love: love is a foolish task…it backfires.

Hoof Polish

Mike Stubz: A classic love song about Jagermeister and a simpler time before Fireball.

Banks of the West

Bryan Krieger: To a creole lady (Baudelaire inspired this)

Ghost Out

Mike Stubz: About getting loaded with buds, then sneaking out, peeling off and getting into some weird night time party shit.

Kentucky Fried

Mike Stubz: It’s about having a major freak out on acid in a park by our Capital Hill neighborhood that used to have a KFC next to it. Out of context it doesn’t make much sense.


Song about going balls on the bottle then trying to hold it together the next morning.

Bryan Krieger: School shootings

Kill It Dead
Bryan Krieger: About a friend Doughy D and the Cha ChaEaster show

Messed Up

Bryan Krieger: About a kid with holes in his brain…true story that aired on This American Life.


Bryan Krieger: Mental illness

Oh God

Mike Stubz: First song I ever wrote in my life….about being in a shit show, sitting around watching TV high at 4 in the morning and seeing an ad for some BS tech school and thinking “Man, I gotta get my shit together.”

Something Like a War
Bryan Krieger: This was Stubz’ OG band name…a quote about how Ty Cobb played the game. I wrote about drug dealers at the downtown McDonalds.

Party Fight

Bryan Krieger: Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbor on a Saturday night

The Desert
Bryan Krieger: I wrote this while watching Ginger Baker’s documentary. It’s about a fatalistic sense of optimism while marching toward certain death.