Track Premiere: Gaytheist’s “Let’s Get Astrophysical”

Let’s predict the knuckle dragger reaction to the photo above: who are those cucks, and why are they trying to play heavy music? Let’s also predict the response of the casual readers: I didn’t know Brent Hinds was in a new band, and when did he get better abs? Is that from Bowflex or TRX? How can he even get abs when he is drinking beer?

But no, the gentleman above are from Gaytheist, perhaps the best-named band in the known universe since Dead Kennedys, Kajagoogoo or maybe AC. Today, we’re premiering a track from their new album Let’s Jam Again Soon, their fifth full-length and fourth album from Good To Die Records. It’s due on June 16 in both vinyl and digital formats.

Get astrophysical below and let us hear your body talk. It only takes about two minutes and won’t hurt too much. If you aren’t familiar with Gaytheist they are sort of an Oxbow/Botch/Butthole Surfers hybrid. And get well soon Olivia Newton-John, the world of the extremely extreme is rooting for you.