Gaytheism Unbound

Hold Me…But Not So Close, the follow-up to last year’s mondo excellent Stealth Beats, is nearly upon us, and if the first single “MANhattan” is any indication, it’s sure looking like the seething, roiling sonic beast christened Gaytheist will continue to (improbably) live up to the awesomeness of its name. Good to Die Records has kindly given Decibel permission to stream “MANhattan” this morning, and, as a bonus, Gaytheist guitarist/vocalist Jason Rivera graciously offered to provide us a sneak peek at what awaits those who dare…Hold Me…But Not So Close.

1. “MANhattan”: One bass line to rule them all, and in the darkness guide them. A heavy driving beast of a song about being so afraid of a place you’ve never been to that you’ve turned it into a nightmare fantasy realm.

2. “Spread’ em”: The most metal song on the whole album. One of the few places on the album where drummer Nick Parks has room to go off for an extended period of time. And go off he does.

3. “Poocano”: A long time ago, even before Jackass 3, there was an article in Bizarre magazine with photos of the “poocano,” and, just like the Jackass movie, it involved butt fluid. That’s not what this song is about, but go ahead and picture the exploding ass juice ladies and gentlemen.

4. “60 Easy Payments”: A general problem — spending money you ain’t got — specifically applied to an asshole landlord. One of the sweeter riffs on the record.

5. “Elderly Assassin”: The other silly song on the album (next to “Poocano”). An elderly, should-be-retired assassin takes aim at his latest mark, then becomes unsure that he has the right target due to the fellas mustache being a different color, so he asks him out to dinner instead. There will likely be a follow-up song that just slowly describes the two men having a long night of brutal-yet-loving hardcore passionate sex. Or maybe not but its nice to picture. Ok well I gotta go do something…

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