Seattle By Way of Arrakis

Meet Sandrider, the excellent new stoner rock/metal band of Nat Damm and John Weisnewski of Seattle noisecore heroes Akimbo. By way of introduction, we are streaming “The Corpse,” a standout track from the band’s epic self-titled slayfest available now from Good to Die Records. Though a very different beast musically, Sandrider’s debut, hypnotic and pummeling at turns, is every bit as clever and multidimensional as fans of Akimbo’s Seventh Rule/Alternative Tentacles/Neurot releases might expect.

Guitarist/vocalist Weisnewski gave Decibel the lowdown on the track and the Sandrider ethos.

“The lyrics for ‘The Corpse’ are self-referential, poking fun at the fact that we are a bunch of older dudes playing what a lot of people would consider a bygone style of music — cough…grunge? Dare I say it? — but it’s definitely not meant to be a tragic cry for justice that people have forgotten the golden age or any crap like that. [It is] more of an invitation to other fans of heavy rock from the eighties and nineties to come party with us…

“I’ve actually had a number of people who no longer go to shows and don’t really have their ears to the ground on new music tell me that the record really reminds them of ‘back when…’ Which is really great for us and them. There are a lot of people around Seattle that were very into the local scene twenty years ago, but now have jobs and families, or just didn’t evolve with the subculture. They like what they like. That’s what the song is about. We all acknowledge that those days are over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t party at the burial site.”

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