Video Premiere: Deadkill’s “Shakes”

Massive hangovers! Camel breath! Riffs! Hair of the dog shots! Barfing on video! Fortunately, these guys decided to walk to the bar for another day of partying.
The aforementioned bad behaviors are in full effect in the low production cost but high comedic value video debut of Deadkill’s “Shakes.” Decibel premiered the No, Never! album in the beginning of 2014. Back then, the band told us “Shakes” was about: “going balls on the bottle then trying to hold it together the next morning.” This is something many of our staffers understand all too well.

Now, we’re the first to show you their Beastie Boys antics meet Circle Jerks sound. Check out the “Shakes” video below and touch base with the band here. The LP version of No, Never! is still available from our friends at Good To Die Records.