Video Premiere: Fermentor – ‘Sensory Overlord’

December 7, 2023

Get down to this groovy instrumental from Fermentor.

Album Premiere: Solitary Sabred – “Temple of the Serpent”

December 6, 2023

Cypriot heavy metal warlords Solitary Sabred charge into battle with an early premiere of Temple of the Serpent.

Blast Worship: Deliriant Nerve

December 5, 2023

Hear D.C. deathgrind crushers Deliriant Nerve return with new 10-minute beatdown in Contaminated Conscience.

Video Premiere: Praise the Plague – “Devourer”

December 1, 2023

Watch Germany’s Praise the Plague perform an entrancing blend of doom metal and black metal via their latest video for “Devourer,” from the band’s upcoming Suffocating In the Current of Time.

Blast Worship: Aftersundown

November 29, 2023

Don’t fret, prolific Malaysian grindcore trio Aftersundown have already returned with Onset of Anxiety.

Album Stream – Void – ‘Jadjow’

November 29, 2023

Hear two former Dødheimsgard guitarists keep it Norweird with Void.

Track Premiere: At the Plates – “Punish My Waistline”

November 29, 2023

Dig into a lethal helping of food-themed melodeath with At the Plates and their pun-slinging, scale-smashing single “Punish My Waistline.”

Video Premiere: Transit Method – ‘Psychometry’

November 28, 2023

Delve into the supernatural with “Psychometry,” the new single from Austin prog-metal crew Transit Method.

Track by Track: Demons of Noon – “Death Machine”

November 28, 2023

Venture into Death Machine with New Zealand doom cult Demons of Noon with a track by track deep-dive of the album’s darkest themes.

Full Album Stream: Oldest Sea – “A Birdsong, A Ghost”

November 27, 2023

South Jersey funeral doom duo Oldest Sea stream their new album.

Album Premiere: Mourn the Light / Ice Howl / High Priest / Archdruid

November 22, 2023

Mourn the Light, Ice Howl, High Priest and Archdruid join forces on a split gleaming with heavy metal sorcery.

Track Premiere: Gaswar – “Terrible Day to Have Eyes”

November 21, 2023

Noise rock royalty Gaswar (Hammerhead, Cows, Melvins) finally unveils a track from their “lost” 1999 album, Girl Vanishes On Way To Jive Bar.

Blast Worship: Feind

November 21, 2023

German grinders Feind hit the ground harder than Zach Wilson walking back to the huddle.

Album Premiere: Aldrig – ‘Yağmur’

November 20, 2023

Hear newcomers Aldrig bring the post-black metal pain with their debut LP Yağmur.

Full Album Stream: The Last Eon – “Infernal Fractality”

November 16, 2023

Hear Norway’s The Last Eon mix of musical ambition and psychedelic inebriation by way of industrial black metal.

Album Stream: Litha – ‘Litha’

November 15, 2023

Hear live Mizmor and Hell musician Andrew Black emerge from the darkness via Litha‘s self-titled debut, streaming here ahead of its Friday release.

Blast Worship: Zero Survive

November 14, 2023

Featuring members of Brain Famine, Stagnater and Hallucivore, Boston blasters Zero Survive will scratch your Insect Warfare/early Napalm Death itch.

Video Premiere: Cash Bribe – ‘ICBM’

November 13, 2023

The spirit of NYHC is alive and well with Cash Bribe.

Track Premiere: Fawn Limbs & Nadja – “Cascading Entropy”

November 9, 2023

Hear ruthlessly chaotic, grindy mathcore beasts Fawn Limbs team with noisy experimental ambient duo Nadja to melt minds on “Cascading Entropy”

Album Premiere: Pyrolatrous – ‘Inveterate’

November 8, 2023

Hear Hull, Krallice, Anicon, Woe member reconvene the USBM force Pyrolatrous. The first new LP in six years, Inveterate, is streaming now in full force.

David Obuchowski (Goes Cube, Publicist UK) Releases Single “Flicker” from Solo Project Bitter Cold

November 8, 2023

David Oburchowski (Goes Cube and Publicist UK) embarks on a new eclectic and emotional solo project, Bitter Cold, through his recently launched Moth Hospital Records.

Track Premiere: Shipwreck Karpathos – “SCENE XI: Life as War”

November 8, 2023

Midwestern post-rockers Shipwreck Karpathos navigate stormy seas with their new single from Being Human. Out November 17th.

Track Premiere: Acid Throne – “War Torn”

November 6, 2023

Watch the new video from UK doom / sludge trio Acid Throne taken from their debut album, Kingdom’s Death, which is due out on November 8.

Video Premiere: Ophiolatry – “Abyss of Alienation”

November 2, 2023

Hear Brazil’s Ophiolatry bring hypnotic riffs, brutal vocals and crushing rhythms reminiscent of Hate Eternal, Nile and Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel.

Video Premiere: Icarus Witch – “Shadowchaser”

November 2, 2023

The new Icarus Witch track is a “pure riff-driven melodic rocker in the vein of Dio-era Rainbow, Deep Purple, or vintage Whitesnake.”