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Let’s help Jason Becker

September 18, 2013

The folks who work hard to bring you the extremely extreme each week might be cantankerous but that doesn’t mean we don’t look out for our fellow man. Case in point: the gifted guitarist Jason Becker, who was struck with with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which most readers know as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The disease…

Let’s help Joe Wickstrom

August 21, 2013

A member of our extended family needs your help. Joe Wickstrom is the bassist of Atriarch and has played with numerous Portland bands. He was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease in 2011 and has had a tough go. The disease narrows the arteries and makes it tough for blood to reach the limbs and extermities….

Dark Descent Records announce showcase festival – Oct 4th and 5th, Portland, OR

July 22, 2013

Dark Descent Records have announced a two-day showcase festival at the Ash Street Saloon, Portland OR for October 4th and 5th. And the lineup (below), presented by Dark Descent in association with Parasitic Records and Ash St PDX is the exactly sort of super-necrotic death/doom/black bill of extremity that’s guaranteed to help you shake out…

Baroness Appearance at Charleston, SC Record Store

May 24, 2013

Do you love Decibel‘s most favoritest non-metal-but-kinda-pretty-metal band? Live near Charleston, South Carolina? Or just happen to be passing through the area this coming Monday, May 27th? If so, make sure you roll on over to Monster Music & Movies for a special in-store performance and signing session with Baroness, scheduled for 4:00 pm on…


April 29, 2013

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult is a 600-page book by UK author Dayal Patterson that delves deep into the history and development of black metal as an art form and a culture. It is released on November 13th, but is now available to pre-order from Amazon at a discounted price. Published via Feral House,…

Nader Sadek “Living Flesh” Exhibit, April 22 in New York

April 5, 2013

Nader Sadek has penetrated the Decibel psyche in various, um, incarnations over the past few months, and the invasion has been most welcome.  In February, we teamed up with Metal Injection to bring you live performance clips from the Living Flesh DVD before you could buy it.  Now we drop some most righteous news upon…

Out-of-Print Decibel Back Issues Now Available in iTunes Store!

March 8, 2013

So, you’ve been hunting for a specific Decibel back issue, but the webstore says it’s sold out. Short of the advent of time travel, we can’t help you with procuring a print edition, but now that Decibel is available in the iTunes Store, you can revisit your favorite extremely extreme magazine in digital form. Away…

Decibel Exclusive: Jeff Walker Speaks About the New Carcass Record!

December 3, 2012

After 17 years of recording silence, death metal legends Carcass have returned to the studio to track their first new LP since 1996’s Swansong. The record, produced by Colin Richardson, will be released sometime in 2013 through a yet-to-be determined label. Bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker exclusively provides Decibel with a few details. Please tell us the…

Rudolph Can Play This Fucking Game: Thrash It or Trash It!

November 30, 2012

While hordes of old people who still use dial-up are swarming to super-sized retail outlets this season to buy their loved ones’ affection, the more tech-savvy among us simply point and click our money away into the bitwise abyss.  Similarly, while the plebes will rely on radio and opinionated journalists to decide which tunes may…

Obscene Extreme Sails To America!

November 21, 2012

For 14 years, extreme hate-thunder has rained down from the blighted Czech sky every July, under the Obscene Extreme banner.  In 2013, the organizers are seriously upping the ante, and we here at Decibel get to formally welcome Obscene Extreme America!  It’s in Mexico!  (Yeah, against the protestations of xenophobes all over the United States,…

CONVERGE to Headline Decibel’s 100th Issue Celebration Show!

November 16, 2012

After much fevered online speculation, we’re finally ready to announce the headliner of Decibel‘s highly-anticipated 100th Issue Celebration Show! Four-time cover stars, Hall of Fame inductees for 2001 classic Jane Doe and constant presence in our Top 40 Albums of the Year feature any time they release an album, the mighty Converge will join Pig…

Subscribe to Decibel, Get an Exclusive INCANTATION Flexi Disc!

October 5, 2012

Wednesday’s Presidential debate wouldn’t have been so boring if Jim Lehrer had asked the candidates whether Onward to Golgotha was a top 20 death metal album of all time, or merely top 40. Alas, he choked, leaving it up to your friends at Decibel to nerd out about Incantation history. And honor it on flexi disc….

Behold: Decibel 100th Issue Celebration Show Details!

September 4, 2012

The Mayans were off by a month: The world will officially end on Saturday, January 19 at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA, when Decibel Magazine proudly brings you our truly apocalyptic 100th Issue Celebration Show! Faces will be decimated not only by Pig Destroyer Repulsion Municipal Waste Tombs and Evoken but a special surprise headliner…

Call Of The Wild Song Premiere! “Breaking Shit”

August 21, 2012

Breaking Shit by Decibel Magazine It’s strange to be premiering a song off Leave Your Leather On because I’ve been blasting the album for weeks. (It pays to be a big-time journalist.) And yes, I know – I guess these guys forgot about that Limp Biscuit song. Who cares? Stuff still has to get broken…

dB Exclusive: Studio Footage From Upcoming Pig Destroyer Album Book Burner

August 8, 2012

Despite the exhortations of much extreme metal that life isn’t worth living there are things left to get excited about. One of them is the upcoming album from Pig Destroyer, their first since dB’s 2007 album of the year Phantom Limb. News flash: the new album from Relapse is called Book Burner and we’ve secured…

Blut Aus Nord’s Cosmosophy Teaser

August 3, 2012

Harrowing, multi-dimensional enlightenment is a fickle beast.  You expect it in extreme locales under strikingly improbable circumstances, perhaps while ingesting mind-altering substances… not so much in a well-lit library crowded with suits, police officers, and raggedy internet-moochers.  Yet here I am getting a hit of pure dark French terror-bliss, and my mind can’t manage to…

Kindred Spirit

April 24, 2012

“He was the exact type of person that grindcore is meant for — a true maniac.” So says Agent of Satan’s Lord Balsakk of his longtime friend, bandmate, and Bay Area grind/powerviolence standard-bearer Kindred (aka Stinkweed), a main player in Plutocracy and Agents Of Satan who passed away recently under mysterious circumstances. (“He was afflicted…

NOW There Will Be Blood: Watain Finally Join the Decibel Magazine Tour

April 16, 2012

After very regrettably missing the first four dates of the inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour due to visa delays, black metal miscreants Watain officially enter the fold at tonight’s show in Lawrence, KS. We’re all beyond thrilled to finally see the completion of this diabolical puzzlebox, and you should be too. Let’s all go off to…

KEN Mode: The Best Metal Band in all the Land

April 5, 2012

This particular blog post was originally designed to be a congratulatory stamp for Winnipeg “elitist-asshole metallic noise rock with touches of post-metal, hardcore, sludge and doom” band, KEN Mode as they very deservedly came out on top in the category of Best Metal Album of the Year at last weekend’s Juno awards. To the most…

The “Oh For Fuck’s Sake” in Ohio

April 3, 2012

I grew up in Ohio and even have the state outline tattooed on my miserable excuse for a bicep (with a skull and crossbones inside — YOU FIERCE, BOY!). So it gives me great pleasure to announce — two fucking days after April Fool’s, no less — that sanity has prevailed and the first date…