Track Premiere: The Obsessed – ‘Tombstone Highway’

November 7, 2017 Vince Bellino

Listen to a remastered tune from The Obsessed now!

Tom Gabriel Fischer Discusses Problems with Celtic Frost’s New Reissues

July 10, 2017 Albert Mudrian

Extreme music icon discusses his struggles with BMG’s Celtic Frost reissues, the possibility of a new Triptykon LP next year and two new books currently in the works. 

Label Spotlight: WYLN

June 26, 2017 Vince Bellino

New York City-based label WYLN is reissuing lost, classic heavy metal records including albums from Cyanide, Leather Nunn, Valhalla and Death Squad. 

Full Album Stream: Moloch – ‘Verwüstung’

February 14, 2017 Vince Bellino

Moloch‘s out of print black metal album Verwüstung will be rereleased in a remastered for vinyl format by Argento Records. Hear the improved songs now.

Greyhaze To Reissue The Mist’s ‘Phantasmagoria,’ Hear First Song Now

December 16, 2016 Vince Bellino

80’s Brazilian thrashers The Mist are finally seeing the first North American and European release of their 1989 debut, Phantasmagoria. 

Impetigo talk new Ultimo Mondo Cannibale cassette reissue

December 8, 2016 Greg Pratt

Here comes Ultimo Mondo Cannibale again, so we caught up with Stevo from Impetigo to get the scoop on this classic death/grind album rising from the dead.

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Gabriel Fischer – Classic Celtic Frost Albums To Be Reissued

October 17, 2016 Justin Norton

Tom Gabriel Fischer talks to Decibel first about the pending Celtic Frost reissues. 

Warzone Debut LP Reissue of Classic NYC Hardcore On the Way

July 25, 2016 Albert Mudrian

Revelation Records announce reissue of legendary Warzone debut LP this September. 

Stream Cianide Reissue: Death, Doom and Destruction

August 4, 2015 Daniel Lake

Hell’s Headbangers is regifting us with Cianide’s 1997 album Death, Doom and Destruction.  The album was already a threatening slab of primitive extremity, and the reissue has extended the dread by appending a set of five demos (Rage War) and a 7″ (The Truth) that includes a Master cover of the same name.

Pagan Altar “The Time Lord” EP remastered and reissued on CD

July 30, 2012 Jonathan Horsley

English N.W.O.B.H.M./doom elders Pagan Altar will release remastered EP The Time Lord through Shadow Kingdom Records on 11 September 2012. Having previously only available limited vinyl runs, The Time Lord has hitherto harder to find than a taxi on New Year’s Eve, a pint of unicorn milk, etc… This is the first time it has…

Whiplash! This Reissue’s a Bitch

August 2, 2011 Adem Tepedelen

For whatever reason, when people talk about influential metal scenes of yore, the L.A.area  just doesn’t seem to get the credit it’s due. Sure, the whole Hollywood/Sunset Strip glam thing left its mark in the mid-’80s, but some of the world’s biggest and influential, ahem, “real” metal bands arose from the L.A. area much earlier…