Decibel’s Yearbook 1995 Issue Looks Back on Metal 25 Years Ago

Though we’re constantly looking to the future, Decibel is equally fueled by love for metal’s storied history, and we’re taking our responsibility as historians to the next level with the our latest installment of Decibel Yearbook, this time celebrating all things 1995.

Twenty-five years ago, metal was no longer a dominate force in the charts. As the final gasps of grunge were replaced with pop-punk and alt-rock, metal retreated back underground where it remerged as a multifaceted beast. Melodic death and black metal — speared-headed by genre-establishing records from At the Gates and Dissection — exploded, doom metal blossomed an elaborate bouquet, hardcore got (more) metal, and Rob Zombie said “Yeah!” a lot. We bring you not only the comprehensive story of that pivotal year in extreme music, but the Top 40 albums of 1995 and Earth Crisis’ metalcore colossus Destroy the Machines. The Decibel Flexi Series rockets us back to future, with an exclusive brand new track from blast battalion Dropdead that won’t be a part of their forthcoming album scheduled for release sometime this summer.

Embrace 25 years of pain, face all your fears, and celebrate 1995 in the July issue.