Obscene Extreme Fest, in YOUR Home

Obscene. Extreme. Festival.

Anyone unfamiliar with the event needs just to look at the name to figure out what it entails, and if there is any confusion, the summary header of “Freak-friendly extreme open-air fest” certainly gets the rest across. In a time when many of us have days full of Zoom meetings that wrap up with locktail hours, probably with the in-laws or something equally unmetal, some extreme and some obscene would be a welcome distraction.

OEF 2020 was scheduled to start yesterday. And while Trutnov (Czech Republic) may not have been on your travel agenda this year, if you’re curious to what it looks like right now, its probably something like this:


Here’s where things start to get a little more lively, so set up the tent in the living room, grab an armful of warm beer (…maybe skip the campfire though…), crank up the speakers to 12, and make the neighbors hate you (more). Beginning yesterday at the time the fest was supposed to kick off, OEF has switched gears to broadcasting some most of the most obscene and extreme (… its in the title…) moments from yesteryear. Below is a statement from Mr. Obscene (yes that is his first name) Extreme (yes that is his last name) himself, followed by the schedule.

Obscene Extreme Broadcasting on Youtube!!!

At the original date of Obscene Extreme, you can now look forward to a broadcasting on our Youtube channel, where we will all “meet”, listen to great music, watch original and rare special OEF clips and share messages and interviews. You can also learn what we are doing right now, what we are up to, how we see the next year and much more.

We start every day at 8 PM CEST (except Friday 17th of July, when we start at 7:15 pm CEST). Take your time, catch up with your friends and be with us every OEF day. Follow us, we start on Wednesday, July 15, 2020!


FB Event: www.facebook.com/events/3161164833942372