Track Premiere: Blessed Black – “Unable”

Blessed Black band photo

Cincinnati doom crew Blessed Black first spread their wings back in 2018. They quickly released an album in 2020 (Beyond the Crimson Throne) and established themselves as a rising talent in the Midwestern heavy music scene. With a thick ’70s doom tone and psychedelic leanings, Blessed Black bring grit to cleanly sung stoner rock. Five years after their formation, Blessed Black return with the first in a planned series of EPs. Seasons: Vol.1  represents the band’s refined direction after adding new guitarist Jake Stone to the fold. Today we share the first track Stone helped write with the band ahead of the EP’s September 1st release.

“Unable” is a downbeat ballad featuring Stone’s mid-paced riffs and evocative solos. Meanwhile, the rhythm section (bassist Brad Bellamy and drummer Ray Bates) digs a trench with their heavy, shuffling momentum. It’s a hard-hitting, emotional closer for fans of Witch Mountain, Danzig, Beastmaker, and Manilla Road’s late-era doom. Singing about the perils and tragedy of substance abuse, it’s an excellent performance from vocalist Joshua Murphy. The track’s lyrics capture the cautious optimism of a concerned loved one observing the struggle.

“We are elated to drop the second song from our EP Seasons Vol.1 for the world to hear,” Blessed Black share in a statement. “This song is the very first contribution that our new guitarist Jake Stone brought to the band, and the lyrics take on some situations that myself and the other guys in the band have dealt with over recent years, which is watching someone you love succumb to alcoholism, drugs, or other addictions. It was very cathartic to write, and unfortunately is something that I feel like most adults can relate to in some way. Hopefully they can take some comfort in the fact that they’re not alone in these experiences.”

Take flight with Blessed Black by pressing play below.

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