Full Album Stream: Satanico Pandemonium – “Espectrofilia”

As a metal enthusiast who has lived through all the currently available formats via which we can currently consume music—vinyl, cassette, CD, MP3, streaming—I feel well qualified to assure readers that there’s nothing as good as vinyl. I don’t know what the magic is, but that’s what sounds best to these experienced ears. So, no surprise that when Travis Barnes was starting his new label, Things From Beyond, he wanted to take what was previously only available via digital streaming—Mexico City stoner/psych/doom quartet Satanico Pandemonium’s Espectrofilia album—and give it life on vinyl.

Espectrofilia will be the second vinyl release from these Mexican occultic doomsters—guitarists Miguel Castro and Sergio Oscura, bassist/vocalist Daniel Garcia and drummer/vocalist José Cosmo—and third overall since 2019. The band mines the super drop-tuned regions of the genre with tons of fuzz, sludge and shouted vocals in Spanish. It’s dark, heavy and haunting.

Here’s what the occult-obsessed band had to say about their third release, which will be available on vinyl in February 2022:

“Espectrofilia relates to the feeling of looking at nothing, thinking about your own death, trying to figure out what the shadows that come behind you mean while the light at the end hits you and how scary it could really be to die at a time so overwhelming. Turn on a joint, and regain calm is the premise of this trip. It’s an EP that we recorded under an apocalyptic context, accepting that we are surrounded by ghosts in each present.”
You can pre-order the limited edition vinyl here, or if you can’t wait, buy it digitally here.

In the meantime, have a listen to the vinyl test pressing.