Full Album Premiere: Weedsnake – ‘Grimorium Cannabinarum’

Short of making every song length 4:20 and including free rolling papers in new album, Grimorium Cannabinarum, there’s really no way Mexico’s Weedsnake could have made their cannabis-centric approach any more apparent. Just so we’re 100% clear, it’s all about marijuana. But, hey, there are some phat riffs and plenty of psyched-out passages for your enjoyment, as well. Not subtle, no, but still plenty entertaining, and we applaud the quartet’s—Jack Amsler (vocals), Etziel Méndez (guitars), Fernando Cabrera (bass), Nicolás Silveira (drums)—commitment to their love of good bud.

Grimorium Cannabinarum was recorded and mixed at Testa Studio, and produced by Weednsake. It was mastered by Monolord’s Esben Willems at his Studio Berserk in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s being officially released Friday, Nov 17, on vinyl on Things From Beyond. Purchase it here.

This is what Weedsnake had to say about their latest opus:
“Weedsnake plays metal canábico and has been active since 2010, playing in Mexico and in other countries. Our mutual passion for smoking the sweetest leaf brought us together. We’ve always been a band that embraces, supports, and indulges the free use of marijuana consumption. We enjoy burning the devil’s hooves; we like to get our eyes red as hell and our minds floating in space. The new album is an ode to marijuana, mushrooms, Iommic riffs, psychedelia, altered states of consciousness and the worship of the forbidden cult.”