Full Split Stream: Domkraft / Slomatics – “Ascend/Descend”

Get a double dose of doom with Ascend/Descend, the new split album from Swedish melodic doom purveyors Domkraft and Belfast-based  stoner metal outfit Slomatics. Domkraft kick things off with three songs, dosing the listener with a hearty dose of fuzz and psychedelia. Their half of the split is the longer one, taking plenty of time to naturally expand their sound. Even their shortest track, “The Brush Descends the Length,” is a full-blown trip.

Side B contains three tracks of new Slomatics material. There’s plenty of high-quality Sleep and Electric Wizard-type doom to be heard on these three songs but Slomatics present it in a more dramatic and psychedelic package. On “Buried Axes on Regulus Minor,” Slomatics slowly build until the song’s third act, shining a spotlight on the band’s powerful vocals and songwriting prowess.

Ascend/Descend is out April 22 on Majestic Mountain Records.