Album Premiere: Weedevil – ‘The Return’

Weedevil band photo

The last couple years, São Paulo stoner doom sect Weedevil have loudly announced their arrival with two EPs. Last summer, their EP The Death is Coming reflected a band in transition. But in heavy metal and horror, death is often temporary. After several lineup changes, these Brazilian bongrippers have unveiled their debut LP, The Return. Decibel Magazine is happy to host this early album stream courtesy of Abraxas ahead of the April 8th release date. A vinyl edition from Dutch label DHU is also impending.

From the very first crushing chords, The Return conjures thunderous fuzz and electric witchcraft.  Think Windhand, or Electric Wizard’s “Black Mass.” Weedevil’s approach to stoner doom and heavy psych is riff-forward, relying on guitar duo Paulo Ueno and Bodão as the album’s motor. But vocalist Lo Scar is the record’s tortured soul. Her ethereal voice sounds like it escaped the void to haunt these recordings.

“The Void” soaks Sabbathian doom in LSD. “The Return” disarms the listener with melodies that slowly seek the darkness of shadows. Over the course of the title track’s ten minutes it earns comparisons to doom luminaries like SubRosa and Conan. While the title “Isn’t a Love Song” implies an anti-ballad, it’s the album’s most accessible and contagious composition. By the time Weedevil’s psychedelic journey fades to black, they prove their rising talents in the battlegrounds of doom.

Blaze some hell and press play on Weedevil’s The Return below.

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